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Masoneilan SVI2-22113111 pneumatic control Digital valve positioner




    The SVI II AP provides for reliable operations of control valves with utmost simplicity in setup and commissioning. It is uniquely equipped with a non-contact travel sensor allowing for accurate positioning and maintenance free operations. The pneumatic train of the SVI II AP is a dual-stage amplification system with stainless steel wetted parts for durability. Intrinsically Safe, Flameproof and Explosion proof designs are offered as standard. 

    The High Flow version is capable of 2.2 Cv air throughput. Some of the SVI II AP options include  marine grade construction, local indicating LCD with push buttons for local calibration, position transmitter, discrete outputs, double-acting (not available for the High Flow version) and a remote mount position-sensing mechanism. Using HART® eDDL and FDT-DTM technologies, the Masoneilan SVI II AP digital valve positioner provides interoperability with leading control systems suppliers


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