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Emerson Rosemount February 2023 Price Adjustment

  • Date:2023-04-23
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Dear user:

    Thank you for your attention and support to Emerson Corporation. Affected by factors such as further increases in raw material prices, sustained increases in international transportation costs, and increased investment in research and development and quality control, Rosemount Measurement and Analysis products will implement new prices starting from February 2023. The average list price increase in China is about 3%. We promise to strictly control product quality as always, and make more continuous investments in product research and development, customer service, and providing overall project solutions to create more value for customers.

    Emerson has worked closely with thousands of local partners and suppliers, gradually establishing a full chain localization system that includes research and development, design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, and services. The Rosemount Measurement and Analysis Division provides pressure, temperature, liquid level, differential pressure flow, tank metering and other measurement products, as well as water quality, gas analysis and combustion control products, providing a one-stop solution for industrial measurement. Here, we sincerely thank you for your long-term understanding and support.




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